Control Systems - SCADA - Networking

Emaris is highly proficient in providing complete solutions - from machine level control through production cell and line oriented supervisory control, to enterprise-wide data collection from the plant floor. Emaris can build systems using a range of industrial computers, programmable controllers & IO, instrumentation and energy monitoring devices, specialising in the build and deployment of distributed high availability applications on Microsoft Windows platforms.

Emaris utilises a suite of products and services permitting the real-time exchange of data between manufacturing and the rest of the enterprise - critical for making business decisions that improve responsiveness, increase productivity, reduce costs and assure regulatory compliance.

User interface

Emaris has extensive experience of implementing supervisory monitoring and control human machine interface systems, having a highly scalable architecture that can be distributed across multiple servers and workstations, or deployed on a single computer. We have wide experience in designing intuitive graphic display layouts that increase operator efficiency by minimising navigation steps and giving prominence to priority information. Choose from our range of themes, colours and styles, or specify your requirements so we can provide a fully customised consistent operator interface.


Emaris can provide automation, control & monitoring using a range of programmable logic controllers, from small form-factor machine level controllers with on-board IO, to large scale multi processor systems with distributed IO. PLC software is modularised where possible, so that code is reusable, minimising development costs and making it easier to maintain. Code is designed with efficiency in mind so that the very best performance is extracted from controllers. Installed software can be secured against modification or even being viewed by unauthorised users. Full auditing for software logic and process value changes is available providing accountability and helping to assure regulatory compliance. We can provide fully redundant systems for applications requiring high levels of uptime.

Interfaces & Networking

We have experience in implementing both industry standard and fully custom communications protocols across a range of industrial networks eg. DeviceNet, Ethernet, ControlNet. Use of open standards is preferred, as this allows for reduced development effort and lower risk. Communications interfaces can be controller based, using a range of both dedicated and programmable PLC communications modules, or PC based using Windows services. Our speciality is with high availability fault tolerant industrial networks for mission critical applications.