Architecture - Design

Emaris consultancy provides a business value investigation of the existing infrastructure of a manufacturing plant, and makes recommendations about the best-fit solution for enhancement of existing systems, or for the upgrade to a new system. We are experts in improving process control, and information management to provide actionable real time information, assisting our customers in supporting the drive towards world class standards.

Emaris utilises an Operational Data Collection Study approach to establish how the existing infrastructure can be re-engineered and integrated using software developed in accordance with international standards such as S95. This analysis details the hardware and software architecture which results in a plan of how to migrate the systems from current to desired whilst meeting organisational KPI's.

Our primary consultancy objective is to link the investments made historically to provide an information system that addresses the needs of production, Finance and Quality management across the business. The investigation will help in understanding the technology required along with the culture changes to ensure migration to a solution platform that is easily maintained, utilised and expandable to deliver operational excellence.